• Plan menus based on what you already have. This cuts down on clutter, reduces packaging waste and saves money on your grocery bill. If you have a garden, take full advantage of it. Remember, you don't have to eat meat every day of the week.

  • Use rainwater to water plants.
  • Place a brick in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water necessary to flush.

  • Purchase a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

  • Dry clothes outside, on a clothesline.

  • Use cloth grocery bags and reusable travel mugs.

  • Say no to synthetic fragrances. Replace them with essential oils instead.

These are just a few examples of good, sustainable living options. There are many more on record. You don't have to jump in head-first to make a difference. Many people practice this way of life on a small scale and are quite successful at it.


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