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  One of the most effective ways to get traffic to a blog or website is to guest blog. Guest blogging allows you to bring someone else's existing audience to your website. You make use of all the months and years of effort they've put into building their audience. In fact, if you could just do one guest blog post a week, you'll very quickly find your site's popularity going higher and higher. How do you land guest blog gigs? How do you make sure your blog posts bring people to your site? Approaching Other Bloggers The most important thing to remember when you're approaching other bloggers is to realize that you're asking them for an equal value deal. People who approach blog owners as if they're asking them for a favor stack the deck against themselves before they've even put a proposal on the table. So how do you ask for the deal? First, outline exactly how it'll work. Tell them what you'd like to write about. Give them a