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  Plan menus based on what you already have. This cuts down on clutter, reduces packaging waste and saves money on your grocery bill. If you have a garden, take full advantage of it. Remember, you don't have to eat meat every day of the week. Use rainwater to water plants. Place a brick in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water necessary to flush. Purchase a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Dry clothes outside, on a clothesline. Use cloth grocery bags and reusable travel mugs. Say no to synthetic fragrances. Replace them with essential oils instead. These are just a few examples of good, sustainable living options. There are many more on record. You don't have to jump in head-first to make a difference. Many people practice this way of life on a small scale and are quite successful at it.

  You're unique, and if you have a big occasion coming up that you want to celebrate in style, you should have a celebration cake that's as unique as you are. Today's brides, birthday celebrants, and others celebrating big events are more concerned than ever about producing a unique experience for guests. What better way to mark an occasion than with a custom designed cake made from only the finest ingredients? The gourmet cakes Miami residents want for their special event can't be mass produced, but must be designed from scratch, for a final product that is like an edible work of art. Even with the best bakeries, you can't always be sure that the best ingredients are used. But when you work with a cake designer, you can be sure you are getting genuine ingredients like Ghirardelli chocolates, free range eggs, and the finest quality butter.